Wharf 21 named after the historic wharf district in the downtown of what has become home, after many travels, for the company founders.

Our Historic Wharf Area survives as an excellently preserved example of a turn-of-the-century warehouse and commercial district. Wharf 21 will be your bustling virtual commercial district. Here the ships of the world unload their varied goods, gear, info, and articles that we sort, write, and curate for your convenience.

Wharf 21 intends to be your daily source for unique products, quality gear, honest and relevant reviews, interesting articles, and even stuff you might not necessarily need, but can’t imagine living without. 

It is our mission to gather, create, organize, and present to you, life improving resources on a daily basis.

Note to I.J. we really need to consider if it is a good idea to announce where we are from or would we be better served by anonymity. Can still go into the idea of a wharf and we have the connection to the area that for some reason we both felt was important.